Caletal Developers

Caletal Developers has always come up with living spaces that can create differences in lifestyles. With 20 years of experience in the field of construction, we all set to gift homes that suit the taste and budget of every home seeker under the sun. We have artistic engineers, passionate architects, experienced supervisors and expert labours to build new milestones with every new project we add under our name. We take a lot of things under consideration before we undertake a project because we do not just aim to built homes, we create landmarks. We use the best quality materials and strictly follow industrial standards to gift our customer’s maximum values on their investment.

Our Philosophy

A home is a lifetime’s dream. Our effort is to bring your dream come alive with all its beauty and perfection. Being one of the young and fast growing builders in Kerala, Caletal Developers facilitates the creation of quality homes at a budgeted price. Our primary focus is on addressing the housing needs of a large middle class with affordable homes through innovation in developing living spaces. And, it is not just four walls and a roof, we are here to offer you a better lifestyle.

Enhance Living Experience

Homes and office spaces based on the use of renewable energy and sustainable environment and infrastructure. Caletal brings quality construction to affordable living.