Random rubble masonry in dry pack, width up to 60 cm and height up to 60 cm for foundation in cement mortar 1:8 for basement RCC belt will be provided over the basement in thickness 12 cm, RCC 1:4:8 using 20 mm broken stones

Electrical & Plumbing

PVC conduits are of mark wires: ie. V-Guard or similar kind. Switches are of Legrand, Crabtree or similar make. Fittings like Fan, Tube, Bulb, Bell etc. will be provided by the customer.

Doors & Windows

Front door is made of teak wood. Thickness of the wood is 5”*3” size (cutting, plaining and finishing will lose from actual size spelled above after finishing the job).


All above mentioned works are done with cement from ACC, AMBUJA, RAMCO or similar companies. M sand is used for all types of cement works.

Brick Work

Brick works are done with country burned bricks in cm 1:6. Brickwork is masonry produced by a bricklayer, using bricks and mortar.

Beam & Slabs (Lintel)

Beam and slabs are made of with RCC on cm 1:2:4. Reinforcement are given sufficiently. Lintels associated with windows add structure to any weight-bearing element or elements over an opening in a wall.


Columns and column footing with RCC 1:2:4 using 20 mm broken stones. Columns act as a compression that transmits the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below.


Grills are made of 12mm MS square rods, 1 ¼”*¼ MS patta or 12mm round rods. There’s very little that competes with a well designed wrought iron window grill in your living spaces.


Painting with white cement 1 coat and 2 coats of emulsion using Asian or similar type. Putty finish on 3 side elevation and on sides except work area and toilets.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are vitrified, with a base rate of Rs.45, from brands like Kajaria, Jhonson or similar kind. Easy to lay and easy to maintain, vitrified tiles are scratch and strain resistant.

Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are of ceramic tiles with a base rate of Rs. 25, brands like Kajaria, Johnson or similar type. Ceramic tile flooring ensures the floor stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but it is also easy to maintain and helps to keep out moisture.


Plastering walls and ceiling work with cm 1:5. This has been used for the protective and/or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements.


Nothing can compare to the natural beauty of real stone. Our Kitchen work slab is made of granite stones.