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March 20, 2021

ABC’s of Waste Management

Who would not like to keep their places of dwelling clean? Yes, we all do because it is where we live. While securing our future and our children’, have we ever thought of protecting the planet, the Earth where we all live? If dumping waste on the land and the water goes at this rate sooner our planet will be unlivable. Today’s generation has the responsibility to become a role-model to the younger generation by educating them about the necessity of the proper waste management system. As cleanliness starts from home, a proper disposal of waste can be started from home too. Throwing away garbage as landfills, is the common practice today and causes land and water contamination. For the proper waste management to take place, a proper disposal or categorizing the different wastes are important too. Waste can be solid, liquid, gas or even chemicals and each have different methods of disposal. Garbage bins marked for each waste should be kept in a community. The colour orange for e-waste, yellow for plastic, red for metal, green for glass, blue for paper and brown for organic waste. Waste collection team collects, sorts according to the items and transports them to the suitable places of disposal. If each household takes an oath to make their compound clean by having a proper system for waste disposal at home and in the community then the whole community becomes clean.