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March 20, 2021

Planning for a Long Drive?

It is time for that once- in- a- year long drive. Now that the location is decided, preparation shall be started. Let us see how we can make the preparations.

Personal Checklist

• Get plenty of sleep days before the trip. • Research about the area for hotels, restaurants and petrol bunk. • Make sure road is safe for driving and is not under construction or maintenance. • Get acquainted with the route map. • Carry licence and other documents. • Take an extra pair of dresses. • Carry first-aid kit. • Keep your phone in full charge. • Make sure other passenger has the car’s spare key, just in case if the driver lose the key it will come in handy. If travelling alone, keep one in the pocket. • You should at least know how to change a tyre.

Vehicle Checklist

• Make sure the fuel tank is full. • Have your car’s oil, coolant, fluids level checked. • Have a tool kit, spare tyres, jack and wheel brace in the car boot. • Check if the tyre tread and the spare tyre is in good condition. • Check headlights, tail lights, stop lights, indicators and break conditions. • Have the windshield and wiper blades cleaned.

While Travelling

• Do not drive at night. Rest for 15mnts – 30mnts after every two hours of driving. • Rest where people are at an reachable distance, if the need comes. Lock the doors. • Do not drink and drive. Avoid heavy and junk foods. Eat from hygienic and neat place. • A good company can keep you energised. Play songs to keep you alert on the road. • Follow traffic rules. It is not a good idea to break the rules in an unfamiliar place. • Use lights and indicators when necessary. • If you find yourself yawning, dozing, day dreaming, stop the car and rest. Start the journey after a few warm up exercises. • Make sure windows are down while travelling so that there is enough oxygen inside the car.