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March 20, 2021

Look Beyond the Steering

According to the survey, 90% of the traffic accidents are due to our negligence. Hence, it is as clear as the daylight that most of the accidents can be avoided. Ensure both yours and others safety on the road by taking care of few things.

Stay Calm. Stay Safe.

However expert you are in driving, presence of mind is necessary whenever you drive. When you stay calm, you get it right. Do not even get upset at the faults of other drivers ‘cause disrupted mind tends to lose concentration. Let the driver who breaks the rules, pass. Reaching up to him and shouting is not a good idea, so is getting out of the vehicle to confront him.

Remember, Road is not Your Race Track.

We all have busy schedules and rushing on the road is not at all a solution. Start early. Running late raises your stress level, reducing your focus that leads to unnecessary problems on the road. Refrain from the urge to pick up race with other drivers.

Don’t Think. Don’t Drink.

Do not entertain unnecessary thoughts while driving. It affects your focus on the road. Worse than that, drunk driving not only affects your concentration, but also alters your focus and vision causing miscalculation in the distance between the vehicles. Do not use phone unless it is necessary.

Use Indicators and Lights

94% of the accidents are caused by turning vehicles or track changing without the warning. Use indicators a few seconds before the turn or the track change. Do not overtake through the wrong side. Dim the lights throughout the journey, especially if there is a vehicle coming from the opposite side.

Leave a Space

Make sure there is enough room in front of your vehicle so that you do not bang your vehicle when the one in front slam on the brakes. Keeping the distance gives much broader view of the road. Unexpected brakes may not only damage vehicles, but also cause injuries to the passengers.

Have Your Vehicle Maintained

A well-maintained car reduce the chances of getting into accidents. Check your oil, water, brakes, tyres and wires. While driving on the road, you have to ensure the safety of both yours and others.