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March 20, 2021

Grow “UP”

Towns get crowded and space gets limited. Even a four cent building has a proud green patch. The need of having a garden increased and people utilize each and every inch to add some greens or bright hues. Like ivy that climbs or creeps at its free will, the garden enthusiasts are eager to fill- in green in every nook and corner, window sill and balcony rail. Among these ideas, vertical gardening is on the rise as it can literally create a green wall. Vertical gardening is also a wonderful option to border an area, to hide messy wirings and transformer, without letting the beholder know what lies beyond. Having such vertical gardens at offices gives a pop of nature and increases the oxygen level in an enclosure. Be it PVC pipes, old tin cans, plastic bottles, etc. you can create a vertical garden out of anything according to your budget. All you need is a sturdy frame to support the wall of planters, rigid sheet, planters and a watering system. Leave all the hassle! You can buy a hi-tech vertical garden module that is available in the market.

Vertical gardening has revolutionized the idea of gardening and has brought home the idea of minimalist gardening. No more complaints about space. Get your hands dirty and your space green.