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March 20, 2021

Health is Wealth

Practicing hygiene is an attitude that one should develop. Hygienic practices are good and prevent disease and casualties in the community.

Hygiene Practices

Always keep the food items closed

Though it may sound trivial, by taking this precaution you can prevent diseases in your household. Houseflies carry germs and diseases that we cannot even figure out.

Don’t let waste build up in your compound

Mound of waste in the compound itself can attract rats, pests, etc. and makes the place dirty and unhygienic.

Install proper waste management system

Proper waste management leads to a clean and healthy community. Garbage can be disposed in the allotted bins that are picked up regularly.

Don’t let water to pool up in your locality

Accumulated rainwater or waste water in the locality becomes a breeding ground for the mosquitoes and the community will soon be covered by them leading to diseases like malaria.

No littering

Littering causes not only inconvenience, but leads to certain grave problems. For e.g., littering of plastics and other wastes in the water source could interrupt the steady flow of the water and leads not only to water pollution but also becomes a breeding ground for the mosquitoes. If the polluted water comes in contact with the drinking water source, it leads to diseases like diarrhea, E.coli, etc.

Broken pipes shall be repaired soon

The waste or contaminated water should not come in contact with the drinking water.

Build septic tank far from the water source

Department of Health insists to have at least 50 feet distance between well and septic tank and 100 feet distance from septic tank drain fields and well. Similarly, build cattle shed far from the house too, as it attracts houseflies and other pests.