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March 20, 2021

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. Repeat

Choosing between the need and want is always tricky, but once you control your purchases, waste generation is controlled to an extent. When it comes to sustainability, the 3 R’s is the rule. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle forms the basic rule of waste management. Reducing is minimizing the quantity of trash we make, reusing is using the trash for other purpose, so that the product need not be discarded, and recycling is processing the trash to make new goods. When it comes to practicality, reduction and reuse is a more effective form of waste management.

Few Tips to Reduce Household Waste Input

Buy Used Products : Buy second-hand products from thrift stores in your town. Most of the items in the thrift stores function very well. They are discarded mostly for their outdated designs or a little damage. Second-hand furniture, utensils, etc. that still serve the purpose can be reused rather than throwing away as landfill.

Maintenance and Repair : Timely maintenance prolongs life of the product. Repairing the damage will not only save your money but also reduces your carbon footprint. The habit of maintenance and repair is something that we should pass on to our children. It creates a sense of responsibility and attachment that also helps in relations.

Borrow or Share : Earlier times we used to borrow things from each other or share between neighbours, a good practice that helps in controlling the purchase and thus prevents waste generation.

Donate : Donating or selling the extra you have or the things that you lost interest also reduce your carbon footprint. Remember, one person’s waste is another person’s treasure.

Thoughtful Buying or Reusing : When you go to the supermarket, buy in bulk. It not only saves money but also reduces waste at home. Packaging is less when you buy in bulk. Instead of buying milk in cartons or plastic bottles, get it delivered at home in glass bottles.

Use Your Own Stuff Using handkerchiefs rather than tissue towels and writing notes in phone reduces paper waste. Carrying your lunch and water to the office or while going out can reduce takeaway plastics.

With the right attitude, it is possible to reduce waste and create a beautiful Earth.