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March 20, 2021

Thrilling Gardening

Container Gardening is one of the favourite gardening trends among city dwellers. It can even make the most useless corner look appealing. Container Gardening is planting different types of plants in a container, mostly arranged in a certain pattern. In short, it is a small garden in itself.

How to make Container Garden

Take a planter that goes with the space. You can choose large bowl-like concrete planter or a bigger terracotta planter. Plants are classified into three- thrillers, fillers and spillers. Thrillers are taller plants and are placed in the centre or at one end of the planter. Fillers are those planted to fill the space and is smaller than the thrillers. Spillers are mainly the plants that creep and spill over from the planter. You need to see that all the plants in the planter have similar water requirement. If not, you can try two-tier container gardening by placing one smaller planter in the centre and separate the plants. Suppose, you like to plant succulents and ferns together, both have different water requirements. Hence, it is wise to have succulents in separate container placed in the centre. Play with your creative side and be more creative by adding plants with colourful leaves to break monotony of the greens. You can also create water garden in a container. Minimise plants and add tiny figurines to improve the mood of the garden. The idea is to have maximum beauty and green in the available space. Container Gardening is the most decent space utilising garden idea ever.