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March 20, 2021


We all know reducing waste generation is the first step of the waste management. Waste management comes with benefits for us and our Mother Earth. The benefits of managing wastes are:

Saves Natural Resources

Day by day many of our natural resources like trees, gas and water are diminishing at an alarming rate. Reducing the usage of paper, newspaper, tissue paper, cardboard, paper cups, etc. saves a large number of trees being cut down. Recycling the old papers also prevents new trees from being cut down.

Saves Money

Controlling waste generation reduces waste and saves money. If the organic waste is made to compost, you can cut down the cost in fertilizers. You can also generate enough electricity and bio-fuel to run a household. It is said that at Mukesh Ambani’s house organic waste is used to create electricity.

Saves Energy

Recycling old and used items to make new products require lesser energy than to create new products, which require extraction and processing.

Reduces Pollution

Burning the waste causes the emission of poisonous gases causing air pollution. Even burning paper and cloth produces carbon dioxide. Throwing away garbage as landfill not only pollutes soil and creates dead zones, but also these wastes end up in the water affecting water flow and the quality. If we control purchase and recycle them after the usage it will reduce manufacturing at factories and reduces air pollution.


Some products like paper, plastic, metal, glass can be recycled. Proper waste management like dumping papers, glass, metals, organic waste in the respective bins help to sort and transport wastes to the respective sites for recycling.

If there are so many benefits in waste management, both to the nature and to us, why hesitate to take that simple step? So, before you buy anything, think twice; before you dispose items, act wise.